17.5 kW FM Tube Transmitter

17.5 kW FM Tube Transmitter

17.5 kW FM+HD Radio Tube Transmitter


Boasting up to 17.5 kW total power output for FM+HD Radio operation and better than 55% overall efficiency, the FMi 17T provides outstanding performance and reliability. Features include wideband grid input for exceptional stereo, HD Radio, and SCA performance, and the use of tetrodes with greater heat dissipation characteristics for longer tube life.


Key Features


  • Total Power Output up to 17.5 kW for FM+HD Radio operation
  • Better than 55% overall efficiency for FM+HD Radio operation
  • The patented folded half-wave cavity eliminates troublesome and unreliable DC plate blocking capacitors and all sliding RF contacts
  • True proportional VSWR foldback protects the transmitter under all antenna load conditions
  • High-volume, low-pressure air flow improves heat transfer while reducing ambient noise
  • Linear IPA with VSWR, over-temperature, over-voltage, over-current protection and fault detection
  • Complete built-in remote control interface results in convenient use of all current remote control systems


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